Wooden bathroom cabinet decor design to improve the look and function of the bathroom. Here I will give you steps that we implemented to design bathroom wooden cabinet decoration:

1. Planning and Design:
Space Measurement: We accurately measured the bathroom space to determine the available cabinet space.

Location selection: We selected a suitable place for the cabinet inside the bathroom, such as above the wash basin and next to the shower.

Cabinet design: We started designing the cabinet according to the client’s needs. From shelves and drawers for storing cosmetics and additional drawers.

2. Choice of materials and colors:
Wood selection: We chose a suitable type of wood for the cabinet. Moisture-treated wood is suitable for the bathroom.

Color selection: We selected the color that matches the bathroom décor, according to the customer’s opinion.

3. Building the treasury:
Wood Cutting: We started by cutting the wood pieces according to the dimensions specified in the engineer design using suitable measuring and cutting tools.

Assembly: We put the parts together using the right tools. We made sure it was installed securely and according to the design drawn.

4. Installation and installation:
Installing the cabinet: We installed the cabinet in the specified location in the bathroom using the appropriate screws and anchors.
5. Finishing and Decoration:
Wood Polish: We polish it using suitable materials to give the wood a shine and protect it.

Add handles or doors: We installed door handles.

6. Testing and Verification:
We opened and closed the cabinet to make sure that the doors and drawers are working properly.
These are the steps we took to design a bathroom wooden cabinet decor. You can contact us for an appointment.