Executing the decoration of a store that sells medical glasses in France:

1. Planning and Research:
Before starting anything, we must do a comprehensive research on the needs and trends of the local market in France for eyeglasses. Are there particular trends in design? What are customer preferences?
2. Decoration Design:
We selected an interior design that expresses the identity of the store and attracts customers. In collaboration with the interior designer to achieve this.
We chose a color palette that matches the overall style of the shop and reflects the classy and professional atmosphere.
We decided to distribute the spaces effectively, such as the glasses display area and the consulting area.
3. Selection of Materials and Furniture:
We chose materials that suit a sophisticated and professional atmosphere, such as fine wood and high-quality glass.
Choose appropriate furniture for presentation and consultation areas, such as tables and chairs.
4. Lighting:
Lighting plays an important role in enhancing the atmosphere and displaying glasses attractively. We chose different types of lighting, such as direct lighting and soft lighting.
We used lighting to highlight key spectacles or specials.
5. Shop preparation:
After designing the decoration, we equipped the shop with the required furniture and equipment.
We arranged the exhibition areas harmoniously and according to the specified design.
6. Decoration and Final Details:
We added finishing touches to the decor, such as fresh flowers and appropriate paintings.
We made sure that all the details reflect the desired identity of the shop.
7. Performance Review:
After a period of time, we reviewed the shop’s performance and met customers’ needs.
8. Continuous Development:
We continue to think of ways to improve the future designs of the stores and renew the decor designs regularly to maintain attractiveness and freshness.
These are the general steps to implement the decoration of the eyeglasses store that we have completed. Remember that every niche is different, so it is important that the steps depend on the specific context and goals of your project.