Designing a wooden bookcase decoration for books To collect it in an organized manner, here I will present to you the steps that we implemented to design the bookcase decoration:

1. Planning and Design:
Space Measurement: We accurately measured the space of the room to determine the available closet space.

Choosing a location: We chose a suitable place for the cabinet.

Cabinet Design: We start to design the cabinet according to the customer’s needs. Shelves for storing books.

2. Choice of materials and colors:
Wood selection: We chose the right type of wood for the cabinet.

Color selection: We chose the color that matches the room’s decor, according to the customer’s opinion.

3. Building the treasury:
Wood cutting: We started by cutting the wood pieces according to the dimensions specified in the engineer’s design using the appropriate measuring and cutting tools.

Assembly: We put the parts together using the right tools. We made sure it was installed securely and according to the drawn design.

4. Installation and installation:
Cabinet installation: We installed the cabinet in the specified location in the room using the appropriate screws and anchors.
5. Finishing and Decoration:
Wood polishing: We polish it using suitable materials to give the wood a luster and protect it.

6. Testing and Verification:
We turned the lights on and off to make sure they were working fine.
These are the steps we took to design an office cabinet decor. You can call us to schedule an appointment and request your own locker.