If you want to implement a wall cabinet on the shed of your home, then you are in the right place, you should keep in mind that these instructions are based on general information and may need modifications depending on your circumstances.

1. Planning and Design:
We locate the wall cabinet in the shed. We selected a suitable location and then accurately measured the space available.

Cabinet Design: We drew a plan for the design of the wall cabinet. Determining the number of shelves, dimensions and materials that we will use.

2. Purchase of materials and tools:
We have purchased the wood and other materials that we will need to build the cabinet.
3. Construction:
We cut the materials according to the dimensions specified in the engineer’s design using the appropriate tools.

Assembly: We started by assembling the parts together and fitting them securely keeping the shelves even and level.

4. Composition:
Installing the Cabinet: We installed the cabinet on the shed of the house using appropriate anchors and made sure it was well secured and could bear the planned weight.
5.Add details:
Adding additional details such as door handles and additional lights specified within the design.

6. Verification and Testing:
Installation Verification: We made sure that the cabinet is installed securely and there are no installation issues.

The Test: We opened and closed the doors and drawers to make sure they were working properly.

Remember that the steps may differ from one house to another, you can contact us to schedule an appointment.