Stages of implementation and design of the “SHANE” restaurant project:

1. Planning:

At this stage, the project vision and objectives are defined. This includes:

Determine the type of restaurant and the general concept (for example, fast food, seafood, etc.).

An economic feasibility study for the project that includes design and implementation costs.

2. Restaurant Design:

At this stage, the interior and exterior design of the restaurant is determined. This includes:

Choosing the appropriate colors and materials for interior and exterior decoration, taking into account that they are commensurate with the concept of the restaurant and attract customers.

Designing and distributing tables and chairs in a way that contributes to the comfort of customers and accommodating the largest possible number.

Designing the restaurant kitchen in a way that allows for a smooth workflow according to the cooking and preparation processes.

Choosing designs and styles for restaurant signage and logo.

3. Preparing and equipping the place:

This stage includes converting actual designs and plans into reality:

Build and arrange the restaurant according to the designs and layouts.

Preparing kitchen equipment, furniture, decorations and everything needed to start work.

4. Lighting and Decoration:

Lighting and decoration play an important role in giving the restaurant a distinctive character and creating a suitable atmosphere for customers, so we have done the following:

Choosing suitable lighting that matches the decor and contributes to creating a comfortable and attractive atmosphere.

Using soft and gentle lighting to avoid stressing customers.

Integration of direct and indirect lighting to create a different atmosphere in different areas of the restaurant.

Use distinctive decorations, wall paintings or artistic elements to give the place a unique touch.

5. Evaluation and Development:

After a period of start-up, the time comes for continuous evaluation and improvement of the project:

Gather customer feedback and ratings in order to identify successes, challenges and areas for improvement.

Develop plans for future improvements, both in terms of service and decor.

6. Innovation and development:

As developments in the restaurant industry continue, opportunities for innovation and expansion can be seized:


These are the implementation and design stages of the “SHANE” restaurant project from planning to operation. Keep in mind that these phases may vary slightly depending on the overall project model and local and time requirements. Lighting and decoration can play a big role in highlighting the identity of the restaurant and making it a welcoming and attractive place for customers.